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Is Jscript.NET The Future Of Microsoft?

PHP dominates the web in modern times, and is largely unchallenged. There is one possible competitor however, and that competitor is Javascript. Javascript has experienced a lot of growth with AJAX technology and a flow of frameworks. In terms of modern web development is has almost started to eclipse PHP. The only real issue with Javascript is that it is client-side code and because of this it is largely confined by the capabilities and specs of the browser which displays it.

But is this set to change? Possibly. With Jscript.NET developers may soon find themselves writing more universal code. As .NET spreads through not only Windows, but to Linux too, cross-platform compatibility issues are becoming a thing of the past.

What Is Jscript.NET?

So what exactly is Jscript.NET? Jscript.NET is a coding language created by Microsoft to follow up from its largely popular "Jscript". [...]

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State of Computing in 2016

Here is an overview of our agenda for our upcoming seminar on the state of computing in 2016.

08.30am - Registration & Coffee

09.00am - 09.20am - The Future of Computing

As time goes on IT becomes more and more about connection. Gone are the days of slow communication, in the 21st century all it takes is a quick email to contact somebody halfway around the globe. On the flip side, it has also become complex. During this portion of the evening we will discuss Dell's plans to simplify technology for the future. Leaving behind complicated procedures to pave the way for streamlined data communication is something Dell is striving to accomplish. [...]

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Why attend

Simplifying IT is your key to success.


Pick the sessions of your interest from our flexible agenda, covering a series of hot industry topics including Mobility, Virtualization and Green IT. Pass on the word and bring your colleagues. The future is in your hands!

How does IT maintain uptime, security & control in a 24x7 mobile environment? The Future of Computing will outline the very latest thought leadership & best practices in an increasingly mobile world.

How does IT control costly data sprawl in the data centre, increase utilisation and maintain uptime? The Future of Computing Tour will show you best pratices around virtualization and help you simplify deployment and ongoing management, optimizing your datacenter systems.

How does IT comply with environmental responsibility? The Future of Computing Tour will show you ways to increase data centre performance and be kind to the environment at the same time through a combination of energy optimized technologies.

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